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Bandwagon Worth the Jump!

If the mortgage crisis showed you the short end of the stick, now could be time for a little payback (no pun intended). Low inventory in the Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate markets, has created a dream opportunity if you have been thinking about selling. If your home is priced right and well prepared to show, a fairly speedy sale is likely. The average number of days on the market for the month of April, 2018 was 64 days with closings averaging 97% of the listed price.  In many recent cases, we have seen homes receiving full price offers in less than 48 hours on the market.

It goes without saying, but I want to stress to you the importance of pricing your home correctly because it is the most important aspect of selling.  Your home is going to get the most activity from buyers in the first week or so of being on the market so don't give buyers a reason to stay away because the same floor plan down the street is listed for $50,000 less.  Many sellers make the mistake of comparin…

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